Timberkits – Wooden Model & Construction Kits

Timberkits from Pen & Paper: Explore the Magic of Movement by Creating Creatures, Characters, and Contraption

Timberkits - Wooden Model & Construction Kits

Pen & Paper is proud to announce the launch of Timberkits for online purchase. Timberkits is a wooden construction model, which is extremely arty to make, crafty to decorate and ideal for gifts. In case you didn’t know yet, timberkits are models of native design, which inspire people to interact in the magical world of automation. Further, timberkits have constructed the ideal project wherein arts meets science and where the construction and learning of construction are experienced by a wide variety of themes, which are full of character and fun.

Why Timberkits & how does it work?

These wooden arts make use of wood from sustainable sources so you can fully enjoy the feel and warmth of the natural material where conventional craft abilities are being pushed aside by the clinical and sharp edge of technology. The wooden components are slotted together in in-depth stages according to the photographic illustrations in the booklet. Once done, the handle can be rotated for the wooden model to come to life.

On the other hand, the instruction booklets are completed photographically along with less text so one can follow every stage in a visual and clear way. From giraffes to tigers to planes and boats, there is a wide array of extensive collection of kits for a different audience from young to adult.

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Buy Timberkits from the Pen & Paper

Creating your own timberkits is a great step into the magical world of Automation. Amaze your kids, loved ones or even your friends. There is no need for any skills or knowledge in building these arts. All you need is a little patience, time and creativity to follow the instructions. A lot of people are getting overwhelmed with today’s technology world, and most of us depend on mechanisms, never able to get see how stuff work.

Explore and take look at these building blocks of the mechanical world. Collect the wooden cams, levers, cranks, push rods and understand what makes it work. Our timberkits span from ages seven to upwards with designs of different complexity and a wide array of themes. It suits all interests and builds remarkable gifts for all occasions and events. You can freely enjoy the cordiality and comfort of the natural timber, obtained from sustainable forestry and totally machined with no need for specialist’s tools.

Therefore, if you are looking for a shop where you can buy amazing timberkits model, Pen & Paper got you covered! We have a wide range of items for you to choose from. Starting from guitarist, t-rex, ballista, salty sailor, a dragon to a piano and Chuffy Train, we have everything here to satisfy your needs. What are you waiting for? Please contact Pen & Paper now to get your own timberkits model.

Shop at Pen & Paper now! We have more than 20 years of retail experience and deliver all around the world.


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