Review of the New Lamy Safari Neon Lime Special Edition Pen

Lamy Safari Neon Lime Pen
The New Lamy Safari Neon Lime Special Edition Pen

When it comes pens, you may not realize but there are certainly differences that can increase your ability to write and make your language more legible on paper. Pens do come in different sizes and shapes and there are some differences in them that you may not have thought existed. From the type of font the pen will use, from the way you can grip the pen, all the way to the amount of ink it stores, pens can range and certain pens may be better for certain ways of transcribing than others. This is certainly something to keep in mind and something to take note of if you are looking for a new pen for whatever the reason may be. There is a new pen out by the name of Lamy and they have the new Lamy neon lime pen that is sure to impress people of writers and non-writers a like. This pen comes in fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint and is an excellent tool in the writing arena.

Customization At Your Fingertips

There are a variety of pens you can buy but the Lamy neon lime pen is one pen that deserves all the praise and attention it already gets. You can buy this pen in a variety of colours and collect them all, as well as their different types. You are not limited to buying its neon lime counterpart but you can buy it in several different colors as well, whether it is for the fountain, ballpoint, or rollerball variety. The possibilities vary much wider than your average pen so you are sure to be buying a pen that fits your style the first time around.

Size Does Matter

This is a pen that comes with a giant ink cartridge no matter the model you buy. You can rest assured that no matter the amount of writing you do, you are getting a pen with the capacity to handle it. So many pens nowadays are bought with only lasting you a few weeks while the Lamy neon lime pen lasts so much longer than that. You need a pen that can go as long as you do and with the Lamy pen, you are sure to far exceed that range. Be sure to give this pen a try the next time you have a big writing project, or just looking for a reliable pen that will last, as you will certainly not be disappointed.

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