Yard-O-Led The Mayflower Hand Chased Pencil – Limited Edition

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Yard-O-Led The Mayflower Hand Chased Pencil

The Mayflower rose is found in many an English country garden. It grew in the garden of James Watt’s country house around which the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham was established from 1780, and into which the Yard O Led workshop has recently moved. James Watt is the inventor of the steam engine and seen as the father of the Industrial Revolution. These historic premises are the very centre of the Jewellery Quarter and now the home of the Yard O Led brand. Also the name of the famed British ship that sailed the first pilgrims across the Atlantic, ‘The Mayflower’ nods to Yard O Led’s increased foreign export, today selling into over twenty territories worldwide.


The floral design is a delicate interpretation of the brand’s 19th century hand chasing technique. Designed and chased by the youngest of our silversmiths, Jessica, the pen and pencil are a fresh and modern take on Yard O Led’s revered style. The flowers are English roses which, with their buds and leaves, curl around the silver barrels in a style reminiscent of an English country dance.


The sterling silver pencil of the Mayflower Edition is unique to the YOL collection, with no clip and therefore a lighter feel to match its delicate pattern. A solitary rose bud is centred along a bed of leaves. Hand chased, these pencils will be numbered on their caps.
  • Comes with one refill

Comes with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee!

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Weight20 g
Dimensions12.5 × 0.8 cm


Yard-O-Led The Mayflower Hand Chased Pencil – Limited Edition


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