Yard-O-Led Diplomat Hexagonal Barley Mechanical Pencil

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Product Description

The original Yard O Led Diplomat propelling pencil, a classic writing instrument. This ever popular design remains unchanged since 1934. Thoughtfully designed, its angular hexagonal shape helps to stabilize the pencil on a gently sloping surface such as a draughtsman’s table. Like all Yard O Led pencils the Diplomat contains 12 three inch leads providing the inspiration behind the Yard O Led company name.

  • Supplied in a luxury presentation box
  • Hand made from English Hallmarked Sterling Silver
  • Fitted with pencil lead
  • Comes with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee!

Please note that this pencil will have to be ordered from Yard-O-Led first ( Should arrive In-Store within 7 days )

Additional Information

Weight26.3 g
Dimensions12.45 × 0.85 cm



Yard-O-Led Diplomat Hexagonal Barley Mechanical Pencil


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