Winsor and Newton Drawing Inks – Various Colours



Product Description

Winsor and Newton Drawing Inks

Winsor & Newton Drawing inks are made from high quality dyes in a Shellac binder. The use of dyes produce bright colours, making these the perfect inks to create rich and vibrant artworks. All of our drawing inks are water resistant. The white, indian black and gold are also pigmented, meaning they are lightfast. All inks can be used with a brush, or dip pen There are 26 colours in the range, loved by designers, artists and illustrators.

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Paint Colours

Apple Green, Black Indian Ink, Brick Red, Brilliant Green, Burnt Sienna, Canary Yellow, Cobalt, Deep Red, Emerald, Gold, Liquid Indian Ink, Nut Brown, Orange, Peat Brown, Purple, Scarlet, Silver, Sunshine Yellow, Ultramarine, Vermilion, Violet, Viridian, White

Winsor and Newton Drawing Inks – Various Colours

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