Pentel Arts Studio Set – 35 Pens and 5 Highlighters

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Pentel Arts Studio Set – 35 Pens and 5 Highlighters

This extra value set has 35 multicoloured quality fibre-tipped pens including 5 highlighters. This set is perfect for creating graphics and illustrations. Complete with a very handy carrying case to store all 40 pens. The 35 fibre-tipped pens has a line width of 1.2mm. The 5 Highlighter Pens are each of a different colour and are water based. This pack is great for arts and crafts for all ages.

Each of these colours are vibrant and vivid and perfect for any colouring project.

This pack comes from Pentel, this company was set up in 1946 and was originally names The Japan Stationery Co. They first started selling mainly school stationery and have now expanded into thousands of ranges. Along with the Pentel Arts Studio Set Pentel additionally sells:

  • PENS
  • ART

There are so many great colours included in this set! Check them all out below:

Pentel Arts Studio Set

Pentel Arts Studio Set

Is this not quite what you’re looking for?

We have a fabulous range of Pentel on our site. Just visit this link.

If you would like to head directly to the Pentel site, then you can click on this link here!

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Pentel Arts Studio Set – 35 Pens and 5 Highlighters

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