Montegrappa Aviator Rollerball Pen

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Montegrappa Aviator Rollerball Pen

To evoke the trappings of aircraft, the Aviator’s Pen is made entirely of aluminium. Its profile is rounded, to reflect the laws of aerodynamics, and inherent in every external component found in aircraft. The pen’s look therefore conveys the dynamism of flight, its curved pen barrel blending into a sharpened cap, conceived as a whole to resemble both aircraft and rockets.

Adorning the entire body of the Aviator’s Pen are specific design details in the language of the aviation industry. Montegrappa’s artisans have finished the pen with “stitching”-style rows of “planks” secured with minuscule rivet heads, accompanied by fuel tank apertures, the “Remove before Flight” and “No Step” commands, etched along the pen in perfect relief. The signature clip bears a complex, technical design shape reminiscent of landing gear struts, with the classic Montegrappa rotating sphere re-imagined as a knurled ferrule.

The Aviator’s Pen will be available in the three writing forms of fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint. The fountain pen nib is made of stainless steel, offered in the standard writing grades of Fine, Medium and Broad. Its filling system is both cartridge and converter fed.

  • Material: aluminium
  • Packaging: special
  • Comes with one refill
  • Two Year Guarantee

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Montegrappa Aviator Rollerball Pen


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