Lamy Al-Star Black EMR for Digital Writing

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Lamy Al-Star Black EMR for Digital Writing

The LAMY AL-star black EMR is designed for optimal ergonomics and a natural writing experience. It can be used to write long texts as well as make detailed sketches and drawings thanks to its interchangeable nibs and over 4,000 pressure levels. As a result, it incorporates the benefits of both writing and reading.

With the limitless possibilities of digital processing, you can do it yourself. It works with most mobile devices that support Wacom EMR technology, such as Samsung Galaxy Note tablets and smartphones, as well as a variety of other brands.

There are stylus-enabled and non-stylus-enabled models of several devices; if your computer did not come with a stylus from the manufacturer, you would need to purchase one.

It’s a good idea to double-check with the manufacturer’s customer service department to see if your computer is compliant with EMR technology.

The LAMY AL-star rollerball pen inspired the creation of this digital input pen for laptops, smartphones, and notebooks. The LAMY AL-star black EMR, which is equipped with Wacom’s proprietary EMR technology, does not need a battery and never needs to be charged. In terms of haptics, ergonomics, and use, they are identical to conventional writing instruments, so no retraining is needed.

  • Wacom EMR is the technology used (patented)
  • Standard stylus pens are no longer required (compatibility check possible via the QR code below)
  • Shortcut key that can be customised
  • Rejection of the palm
  • Plastic grip with an ergonomic design


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Lamy Al-Star Black EMR for Digital Writing

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