Kaweco Brass Sport Ballpoint Pen

£52.50 (ex VAT £43.75)

Kaweco Soul D1 Ballpoint Refills

Product Description

Made from solid lead-free ‘eco’ brass, which is left untreated and uncoated, it weighs in at 36g which is more than most other pens currently available. The untreated finish means this pen will – like the Al-Sport Raw that came before it – wear over time and develop a unique patina depending on use and storage conditions. The finish can either be left to develop or can be restored using brass polish and a liberal application of elbow grease.

The Brass Sport closely follows an original 1935 octagonal design. Super compact design, just 106mm long and 14mm in diameter.

  • Features the Kaweco logo in matt silver metal on the end of the cap.
  • Push-button retractable mechanism.
  • Supplied in a Kaweco gift tin.
  • Comes with one refill.

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Kaweco Brass Sport Ballpoint Pen


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