Fisher Space Bullet Rainbow Titanium Pen

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Fisher Space Bullet Rainbow Titanium Pen

The Fisher Space Pen was designed and created by Paul Fisher in 1968. The pen was designed by Paul as he found a need for a use of a pen in space as astronuats began to explore our universe. There was no pen that was able to write in the extreme conditions of space : FREEZING COLD, BOILING HEAT VACUUM.

The Fisher space pen is the ultimate in dependability. Every Space Pen is guaranteed to perform in temperatures from -30 to 250 degrees F, underwater, in zerro gravity at any angle-even upside down! It’s reliability means it’s the only pen you`ll ever need.

  • Titanium plated pen barrel with a striking rainbow finish
  • Stainless steel socket prevents leaks whilst delivering instant uniform ink flow
  • Thixotropic ink in the sealed and pressurized reservoir enables the pen to write for three times longer than a standard ballpoint pen
  • Compact design
  • Capped length is 9.5cm, extended length is 13.5cm
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Comes in a giftbox
  • Writes in black

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Fisher Space Bullet Rainbow Titanium Pen


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