Diplomat Aero Orange Fountain Pen 14 ct nib

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Inspired by the Zeppelin airship this orange Aero fountain pen is characterized by groove-like depressions on the barrel and cap which lends the pen next to its classic form a modern spirit. Aero is made of anodized orange and is especially designed ergonomically. The clip harmonises well with the shape of the pen. Thanks to their superior handling and the finest materials available, Diplomat pens endeavour to express and embody style, personality and open-mindedness. Unique and timeless design for those that strive to create a better world.

This fountain pen is fitted with a 14ct gold nib and is available in a range of nib sizes. The gold is a softer metal than stainless steel which makes for a smoother writing experience.

  • 14ct Gold Nib
  • Metal casing to ensure longevity
  • Springloaded clip and screw-on cap
  • Perfect weight balance and shock resistance
  • Can be used with either cartridges or bottled ink, converter supplied
  • Comes with one refill
  • Comes in a luxury presentation box
  • Five year Warranty

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Diplomat Aero Orange Fountain Pen 14 ct nib


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