The Pens I Use at University

Going to University for three, four, five, even seven years? A good pen can make a difference.

When you’re not drinking or sleeping you do actually have lectures, seminars and meeting to attend and having the right pen for the job really does help.

I personally prefer to write with a fountain pen and for this I use a Lamy Studio. I have a stainless version with a fine nib. With all my lectures now being two hours long it can get quite tiring writing (and listening) for this amount of time. I find a pen with a really good grip makes it a bit easier and the Lamy Studio’s rubbery grip goes some way to achieving this. The pen itself isn’t very heavy but it fits in my hand quite well.

Lamy Studio Stainless Steel Fountain Pen

As for the nib, I use a fine, this is because my handwriting is quite small. All Lamy pens have the option of at least fine, medium or broad nibs with most also offering left handed, extra fine and italic nibs. Your choice of nib completely depends on your writing style, in general though the larger your handwriting the more broad nib you’d use.

Lamy Studio Fine Nib
Lamy Studio Grip and Fine Nib

I’ve found the cartridges go a surprisingly long way. I would guess that I use no more than two packs per year so either I’m not writing enough or the pen just doesn’t use that much ink. It’s probably helped by the fact that I use a fine nib.

It’s not always appropriate to use a fountain pen though. As I study engineering I often have to draw diagrams and annotate sketches. For this kind of work I use a Lamy Multipen (yes, I’m a fan of Lamy). The model I use is the Lamy st Stainless Steel Tri Pen.

Lamy Tri Pen Highlighter
Lamy Tri Pen Highlighter/Marker

It’s a great all round pen with a ballpoint, pencil and a highlighter/marker. Of course, I use the pencil for drawing, sketching etc but I also use the highlighter/marker quite a lot too. It’s great for highlighting (or underlining) notes and unlike traditional highlighters it doesn’t make the writing underneath unreadable or smudge the ink. I mainly use this when revising but it does come in handy during lectures sometimes.

As for the ballpoint, I don’t really use it. Whenever I write I do so with the fountain pen.

Again, the refills seem to last a long time. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and have only had to buy one pack of leads and the highlighter has only just run out (which reminds me… I need to buy a refill).

So that’s all the pens I use for University. A Lamy Studio Stainless Steel Fountain Pen and a Lamy st Stainless Steel Tri Pen.

What pens do you use in your everyday work or study? Comment below.

This post was written by James Saye who has worked at The Pen and Paper in various roles for around 5 years. He is currently studying Systems Engineering at Loughborough University and works on The Pen and Paper’s website and social media.

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