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Kaweco Pens is the latest Pen Brand

The Pen & Paper are proud to announce Kaweco Pens/Pencils to our selection of pen brands.

KaWeCo (Federhalter-Fabrik Koch, Weber & Co), initially founded as Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik, is a manufacturer of high quality writing instruments based in Heidelberg Germany. It has been around since 1883 through the two great wars and several downfalls, but the name remains one of the most reputable in pen industry.

In 1914, KaWeCo was the recipient of Goldenen Preis (golden award) on the international show in Leipzig, Germany. It took about 16 years for the company to demonstrate and prove its pen-making craftsmanship to the world with the production of Sport Line which became an all-time classic. The company’s reputation was climbing to the top with many insurance companies used the Sport line as advertising medium at that time.

For more than 125 years, KaWeCo pens are considered integral parts of high-class assortments. The company is now run by H & M Gutberlet, yet the Sport Line is still a sought-after series. Thanks to advances in the manufacturing processes, today’s product range extends to various different versions including translucent plastic and solid aluminum body. KaWeCo now has more models too including but not limited to fountain pens, rollerball, ink roller, and clutch pencils.

Kaweco Sport Line

Kaweco Al Sport Pens

The original Sport Line by KaWeCo is now a classic, but it remains in production until now. One of the latest available versions is Sport AL. This is not the Classic Sport Line yet the design is based on the all-time popular series combined with new materials and surfaces. Aluminum is the material of choice refined and polished with mat surface. Despite its lightweight material, AL Sport maintains the preferable air of weight and sympathetic surface feedback. AL Sport currently has 4 writing systems available including fountain, rollerball, mechanical pencil, and ballpoint. The series also offers 5 colours.

Kaweco Brass Sport

Kaweco Brass Sport Pens

Another iteration of the Sport Line is the Brass Sport which includes 4 writing systems: Fountain, Ballpen, Push Pencil, and Gel Roller. As the name suggests, the series uses brass as the main material for the body. The fountain pen weighs at 44 grams, making it the heaviest KaWeCo with its cap and barrel are designed to reflect precise German engineering.

Kaweco Skyline

Kaweco Skyline Pens & Pencils

The real alternative to the gold plated nib of sport series is the Skyline. Instead of using gold, every Skyline comes with silver detailing. Skyline pencils with the company’s recognizable octagonal form factors are also available.

Kaweco Student Series

Kaweco Student Pens

Let us not forget about the popular Student series, too. The success of KaWeCo Student line started right at the beginning of the company’s history in 1883, and in a retail store located within close proximity to the University of Heidelberg. The current models of Student series includes lots of different colors wrapped in high quality acrylic body. Some of the best-selling are vintage blue, red with chrome plated parts, yellow, black, and white. With its attractive price and quality craftsmanship, Student series is ideal for young learners.

Many more variations of Kaweco Pens/Pencils will be be available over the next few months.

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