Monsieur Notebooks Review

Monsieur Notebooks

I am not the only one who loves Monsieur Notebooks; they are one of the best-selling notebooks at The and they have even been mentioned in an article in The Guardian newspaper! That’s quite something. I’ve read various reviews and many people believe that these notebooks are one of the best on the market. I’d be inclined to agree.

Monsieur Notebooks come in three sizes; A4, A5 and A6, so whatever size you prefer, you’re bound to find one you’ll love. Not fond of portrait notebooks? That’s okay! Monsieur Notebooks come in landscape too. With five different paper types; plain, sketch, dot grid, lined and a sixth – watercolour (coming soon) and a choice of 90gsm or 140gsm paper, you can be sure that your notebook will be able to handle almost everything you throw at it. There are 8 beautifully coloured leather covers ranging from the traditional black and brown to colours such as pink and turquoise to choose from. You’re utterly spoilt for choice. With that range of combinations you’ll be very hard pressed to find a notebook that doesn’t tick your boxes.

Writers will love the lined notebooks, designers will adore the ones with dot grid paper, fountain pen enthusiasts will gush over the notebooks with 100gsm paper produced just for them, the plain paged notebooks could be perfect for those who love to art journal and you don’t have to be an artist to enjoy the sketch paper – it’s perfect for doodles too! Of course you don’t have to be any one of these types to enjoy all the different paper types offered.

Monsieur’s goal is as follows:

“We’re all about notebooks; we believe a good notebook can be a great companion – whether it helps the creative process or eases the labours of work. To honour this belief, we endeavour to make the finest notebooks. It’s as simple as that.”

It’s a simple goal yes, and I think they do very well. The notebooks are gorgeous in their simplicity. They have a beautiful, rustic charm that can only get better the longer you own and use one of these notebooks, which is why they’d make great journals. These notebooks are the kind that you’ll want to treasure. There are so many colours you could even start a collection which you can then keep forever.

monsieur notebooks

The Monsieur notebooks feel great in your hands, no matter what the size. They have a generous amount of pages, which I adore in a notebook because I like my notebooks to feel sturdy. The binding is stronger than it looks too, which means you can really bend the book back on itself to make sure it lies flat (if that’s a thing you like.) The cover looks like real leather, it smells like real leather, it feels like real leather, it is real leather! It’s so real you can see the hide’s natural textures. It’s fantastic. This is the kind of notebook that makes you want to use it.

Considering the fact that you get 192 pages for most notebooks, 96 pages for the sketchbooks and high quality paper that’s a good weight (which means they’re compatible with a ton of pens and inks) and you get a real leather cover; the price you pay for these notebooks is an utter steal. The fact that the Monsieur logo easily wins my “best logo ever” reward, hands down, because it’s so cute and brilliant doesn’t hurt either.

Monsieur Notebooks are available from our online store

This guest blog was written by Danni Lawrence follow her on Twiiter @KenouniRenashin and read her fantastic blog all about stationery

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