Meet Our Customer – Gavin Long

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Gavin Long 

Here at the Pen & Paper we are very lucky to have many talented customers who because of their interests become regulars.  We thought you might like to know about Gavin Long, a regular and favourite with the girls here at the Pen & Paper.

Gavin is 19 and lives in Cardiff, he works as a chef and is training to become a patisserie chef as well.  In the future he hopes to travel and gain experience in the patisserie world, and then open his own restaurant.  Gavin is a very hardworking and creative person and we are sure he will achieve all his dreams.

The reason Gavin enjoys visiting the Pen & Paper is because of his lifelong fascination with the fountain pen, he is definitely a pen enthusiast.  His pen collection is growing all the time and he has Visconti, a classic pen collection with a modern twist incorporating colour and design; Waterman, an elegant pen range with sleek design and style plus a few vintage pens he has collected such as Pelikan.

When asked what it was about the Pen & Paper he enjoyed, his reply was everything (we like it), the staff, the pens, the variety of inks and the knowledge everyone had about these products.  Gavin himself is very knowledgeable about his pens as he does loads of research into brands and models of pens and has on occasion written reviews on our Facebook, for which we say a big” thank you”.

For us it’s great to know that stationery and fountain pens are appealing to a younger audience, and that pens appeal to a creative mind  such as Gavin’s who will use and love their pens throughout their working career.  We look forward to watching Gavin’s career progress and seeing him on Masterchef.

The Pen & Paper Team

Cake made by Gavin Long

This patisserie is a 7 layer Opera Cake, coffee buttercream, chocolate ganache, chai tea syrup and pistachio-hazelnut Joconde Sponge. Gavin used a copperplate nib from the Pen & Paper to wax the seal.


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