Lamy Safari Special Edition 2021 Pens Have Landed!

Each year Lamy Release a special collection, this year they have released the Savannah Green and Terra Red Collection. They have released a fountain, ballpoint and rollerball in each colour (Top Tip: If you pick up either of the fountain pens you will get a FREE pack of blue ink cartridges, that’s right COMPLETELY FREE!)

You can pick up the full collection here!!

The Lamy Safari model is one of our most popular sellers and you can see why, they are sleek, professional looking pens at a great affordable price! The ballpoint is a steal at only £9.90!!

The new collections fountain pens are finished with a sleek reflective black nib, embossed with the LAMY logo. Of course the new Lamy Safari Special Edition 2021 collection has all the classic features:

  • Triangular section – which aids in pen grip
  • Ink Window (On Fountain Pen Only)
  • Black Nib with Lamy and Nib size printed on (Fountain Pen Only)
  • Large Metal Pocket Clip
  • T10 Cartridges
  • Compatible with the Lamy Z28 converter which can be used with bottled ink.

Here at Pen and Paper we always look to provide our customers with the best and newest pens, so we always strive to get the new Lamy collections on our site as soon as we possibly can!!

Lamy Safari Special Edition 2021 – Savannah Green

A gorgeous camo green with a slight undertone of yellow. There is a fun backstory to go along with the gorgeous and timeless coloured pen, over 40 years ago Lamy released it’s first Safari Pen this was one of the two original colours that were offered. Since that release in 1980 Lamy have not offered this colour pen in their Safari Range. It will cost you an arm and a leg (almost $800) to get your hands on one of the original Lamy Safari Savannah Pens, but have no fear because ours range from £9.90 – £20.90 depending on which style you choose!

Prices of the Savannah Pen are as follows:

Lamy Safari Special Edition 2021

Lamy Safari Special Edition 2021 – Terra Red

The Terra Red pen collection has a similar history to the Savannah, however when the first Safari collection was released in 1980 the Terra Red was originally called Terracotta! People flocked to purchase one of these original pens and these days people still are! Get your hands on them now before we sell out completely!!


The official Lamy Site can be visited here!

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