Lamy Pen & Leuchtturm Notebook Competition

Competition Time!

Competition Time!

Enter now for a chance to win a Lamy Safari All Black Special Edition Fountain Pen & Leuchtturm A6 Lined Black Pocket Notebook

We have already had one winner and have decided to pick another winner by extending the competition to the 22nd July!


To enter this competition you have to do two things.

1) Vote for us at

2) Leave a comment below on this page telling us why you like pens or notebooks.

Competition ends on 22nd July.

Good luck 🙂


133 thoughts on “Lamy Pen & Leuchtturm Notebook Competition

  1. Rhys says:

    I have quite a large pen collection which iclude Lamy Pens. I get so much more enjoyment from writing than typing on a computer ( Which ironically i’m doing right now ) !!!!!

  2. Belinda Caulfield says:

    I love the art of writing, so many people text, email or video chat the art of writing is becoming a lost art. I enjoy expressing my self through words and the feel of the pen on paper makes me more artistic and I love playing with different pens and nibs to create different flow lines to my writing and by exploring different fonts and combining them with flowers and animals I find myself feeling relaxed and calm.

  3. Rebecca Allsopp says:

    There’s no finer gift than a nice pen and a fresh notebook. Whether you plan to write your first novel, sketch your favourite view, keep a holiday journal or just use a page for noughts and crosses…pen and a notebook are the most versatile gifts of all

  4. Charlotte Evans says:

    As a speech therapist, I have to write tons of notes and reminders everyday so it’s always nice to have some fancy stationary to do it in!

  5. Kerry Taylor says:

    I’m a stationery hoarder! I just love having a drawer full of stationery, notebooks and pens especially!

  6. Gareth Edwards says:

    I love stationary and stationary shops, full stop 🙂 To write with a nice pen, with a nib, on a piece of paper and to let the ink flow into words is beyond poetry-it is becoming of life itself.

  7. Annette Alexander says:

    Boooks/journals call out to me to be written in. There is always a story or note to be written and then always something to look back on. I love books and I love pens.

  8. Ammar Naqvi says:

    Got into fountain pens while studying for a levels and haven’t looks back since. The unique and sophisticated look of the nib always turns head when ever you bring it out in publics; I love the fact that there are hundreds of pens aswell as inks to choose from at every price range.

  9. Sara R. says:

    The feel of the paper and the pen skating over the paper just brings out the desire to write and gets my thoughts flowing.

  10. robert broughton says:

    Writing (pen and ink) is relaxing compared with the frenetic needs of the keyboard and the discipline of selecting the right words in the right order makes predictive texting puerile.
    The process of writing creates easy memories of your thinking and emotion as you ponder each line.
    I would have preferred to respond to this competition in copperplate on vellum but,alas, technology blunders on regardless of elegance.

  11. Rob Osiecki says:

    Pen and paper are a beautiful TARDIS ride to a time when we kept all of our thoughts in real clouds, not ones built of 1s and 0s.

  12. LAURA ERSKINE says:

    I love writing with pens especially Lamy pens. The combination of pen and notebook always for a keepsake of thoughts and ideas! I am a note and reminder person.

  13. Richard Platt says:

    My wife is in love with fountain pens, I can’t see it but if it keeps her happy then It’s an easy present every time. I had to use fountain pens in school so prefer a good old biro.

  14. MARIE LAWRENCE says:

    I absolutely love my fountain pens and stationery! Lamy Dialog 3’s are my favourite with bright ink cartridges and Filofax’s too…I keep three on the go and always top them up at The Pen and Paper. Probably best to leave my comment at that…and not admit to the other stationery I’m hoarding!

  15. Maria Redpath says:

    Writing with a pen and notebook helps me to slow down, to think, to organise my thoughts. I can work anywhere. I can draw, scribble or write without ever having to worry about the battery dying!

  16. eunice says:

    Pens and notebooks add more personal touch to the expression of your thoughts, ideas and feelings, so why not the love?

  17. Paul Riley says:

    Avid fountain pen collector and daily user. Love matching inks and gorgeous pens and deciding which to use each day

  18. Lisa Nye says:

    In this electronic age, let’s not lose the beauty of the handwritten document – it is a way of expressing yourself as well as noting down information. Anyone who hasn’t experienced the joy of a fountain pen, you’re missing out. Try a Lamy Safari! You won’t regret it.

  19. David Evans says:

    My wife and kids call me old fashioned because I refuse to give up my pens, inks and custom made paper, but a handwritten letter is more than just a personal document, its a statement of individuality. Besides, my pen and paper doesn’t need charging nor can they easily be deleted.

    Pen and Paper have some fantastic inks, my favourite ink is Diamine Shimmer Citrus Ice.

  20. Glyn says:

    Whilst researching my family tree I learned to love the look and feel of documents written by my ancestors. I now use a journal and write letters to family in the hope that my descendants will have the same joy in reading my writing!

  21. Samuel says:

    I like notebooks because they allow me to just flow thoughts from my mind through to the paper. I also like that notebooks make it easy to draw sketches as well as write, which helps me when writing out ideas or thinking things through.

  22. Abbie Rutherford says:

    As a proofreader, book blogger and aspiring author I have a real ‘thing’ for notebooks and pens – especially fountain pens! I adore my Visconti fountain pens and Leuchtturm notebooks and diary and these would be a welcome and much loved addition to the collection. Good luck with competition.

  23. Chloe says:

    A good fountain pen and beautiful ink make any kind of writing an absolute delight. My Ruby Lamy Al-Star, F nib, with Diamine Marine ink is my favourite combination.

  24. Matthew Beddow says:

    I have had a passion for fountain pen now for over 40 years and i love a good notepad to use for journaling or note taking , to me the fountain pen allows you expression that other forms of writing instruments just don’t.

  25. Mitra Freeman says:

    Pen and paper are two unassuming objects we all may take for granted but in the right hands they can be brought together to make magic!! I hope to become one such magition one day!

  26. Soultana Symeonidou says:

    I most definitely write cleaner and better.
    The different sizes of the nibs in combination with the plethora of inks available out there makes the whole writing experience super fun and enjoyable & finally it’s a sustainable and an eco friendly way to write because you are reusing the pen and the ink bottles last for a long period of time.

  27. Pen Meester says:

    Searching for new goals during midlife crisis I rediscovered the happiness of writing, doodling and drawing. A creative part of me that was hidden a long period in my life.

  28. Nicola Whiting says:

    A pen and a notebook can let you recapture an event long forgotten, help find quiet time in a busy day or laser focus your study.
    It’s a little magical combination that unlocks so many possibilities…

  29. David Hughes says:

    I love Lamy pens and your arcade shop (old/new) site and have been a customer for too many years to mention I am now nearly eighty good luck to all the staff and very business good wishes

  30. Aine says:

    I love pens and notebooks because there is such a variety that can suit anyone’s satisfaction. Also, writing and drawing is my favourite thing to do because it helps me to relax and take time away from the stressful world that we live in.

  31. Sharon says:

    Notebooks are the constant companions all dreams, hopes, thoughts and observations can be confided to. Always nearby and ready to ‘listen’

  32. Jess says:

    I am always looking for new media to experiment with, I fell out of love with tattooing then picked my graphite pencils back up. It’s been over a year now, and I find creativity an incrediable way to vent my troubles and worries. A fresh notebook and a new pen would be the perfect thing to help me keep track of my hectic life through notes, doodles, stories and maybe even an excuse to get back into poetry.

  33. Olivia Mullins says:

    Fountain Pens and good paper and notebooks make everyday work and writing much more special. It gives me a bit of cheer to write with a fountain pen when I’m feeling bored at work, or when a case I’m working on is particularly dull.

    Also, it reflects my personality and my individuality, and reminds me where I came from, since nobody from where I currently live uses them.

  34. Keiko says:

    I love writing with fountain pens because of the beauty of the shades of inks. And hand writing gives more characters to your letters and notes etc.

  35. Charlene Merrall says:

    Love pens and paper because all the fresh pages and new ink evokes a sense of having so much potential!

  36. Hazel Lee says:

    Pen & Paper is my favourite store because of its wide range of fountain pens and inks. I am also keen on the friendly and cosy atmosphere there.

  37. Jayne Eyre says:

    I’ve always had a love of fountain pens, drawing, list writing and am never without a notebook. Pens and paper are my comfort blanket!

  38. Gabrielle Cunningham says:

    I love bullet journaling with the Leuchtturm and would love to be able to improve my fountain pen skills.

  39. cazzie rawden says:

    a note book and a pen are my best friend, forget modern technology I like to organize my life on paper.


    I love fountain pens and I am a big stationery fan as well I am always known for writing list. Pens and notebooks go together like me and my husband for the last 40 years

  41. Dippy Pens says:

    Imagine a world without words????!!! I love pens because depending on the tool in your hand it could almost be a work of art, or its a quick jot down, its a good story, a thriller, comedy, a contract, an insult, a birthday card!

  42. Jools says:

    Love trying different pens and notebooks; glad I’m not the only person who likes stationary so much! Also, many sketchers use Lamy fountain pens to draw, and I’d really like to try that too.

  43. Sara says:

    I have loved fountain pens ever since my lovely dad bought me my first one 40 years ago. It was specially designed for children and had animals all around the lid. I still have it today 🙂

  44. Rebecca Brown says:

    I bullet journal to help with my anxiety, so pens and notebooks help keep me together and functional!!

  45. Chris Dyson says:

    Keyboards are great but you can’t beat the feel and sound of a nib on good quality paper. It makes writing and drawing a more imersive experience.

  46. Rich Tyler says:

    To be able to put pen to paper is a special thing, the potential is immense, be it a story, poem, a love letter, postcard, the possibility to make a smile, laugh, tears is endless!

  47. mike fiera says:

    i love a good pen that doesn’t smudge and is easy to write with, it actually makes you want to write more!

  48. Susan Willshee says:

    I love really good pens because when I was little I always had to put up with comments about being left handed so I made a real effort with my writing and made sure I was neater than anyone else in my class. I tried so many different pens and found that it was much easier to be neater if the pen was a good quality. I also love sitting down with a pen and a fresh sheet of paper because it’s a brand new start and I can write anything I like.

  49. Mr Paul Edward Cartwright says:

    I really like a good fountain pen. It seems that with today’s digital world, the art of writing is disappearing!! I love the feel of a good pen and clean crisp paper.

  50. Maria Gellar says:

    I really do feel that writing is a dying art. It makes me sad that children today aren’t even learning cursive. I’d always rather wrote or receive a note or letter over an email.

  51. Janine says:

    IPads are fab but there’s nothing like taking a trip down memory lane reading an old journal. I like to take my time writing my journals and using quality paper and writing tools are essential. I love exploring your shop and what’s new.

  52. Angie Hoggett says:

    I’ve loved stationery since I was young, there is nothing better than putting pen to paper to gather my thoughts and feelings.

  53. Amanda Ta says:

    Its a stationery thing…I was given a notebook and pen when I left my last job; how well the folk knew me!
    It’s a decadent feeling to be able to write in a beautiful notebook with a perfectly weighted writing instrument.

  54. Roger Meder says:

    The flow of ink on paper is only beaten by the sound of chisel on tablet – but I’m not allowed my chisel on aircraft any more.

  55. Shannon Phelps says:

    They’re just so smooth and you can get so many different options, fountain pens are my absolute favourites though, they wrote so smoothly and you can keep the same pen for a lifetime! They are easy to carry around and so lovely to write with!

  56. Maria Chasapi says:

    Love to open notebooks and smell the paper scent
    Love the feeling when your pen top touches the paper
    Filling my pens with different color inks is a ritual and a source of joy

  57. Gary says:

    I just enjoy writing with a proper pen – computers are without doubt fabulous devices but I’m old fashioned and their is nothing like sending/receiving a hand written letter. Having been schooled in the late 50’s and through the 60’s I prided myself on my hand writing and even won a couple of prizes! I have a small collection of fountain pens but the Lamy Safari range are simply great and well within most peoples price range.

  58. Jo Heath says:

    Because I have a serious stationary habit, the better the quality, the better!! I already have one Lamy pen which is great but need another so i have a few different colours of ink on the go and I have always wanted a Leuchtturm notepad!!

  59. John Hooper says:

    Writing is an art form which is complementary to my main activity of painting and drawing. All children should be encouraged to write copperplate and calligraphy at school.

    I write notes daily in a Leuchtturm diary and journal using a selection of fountain pens, mainly Lami, which I highly recommend.

    I used to use others but spent time finding a paper which does not ‘bleed’. These diaries are the answer. Lamy also have s selection of nibs, including they’re extra fine one which is ideal for sketching and making notes.

  60. David Owen says:

    I’m an inveterate note taker. I like the feeling of pen moving over paper, it gives me a kind of ownership that you just don’t get with a keyboard. Over the years’ I’ve tried all kinds of notebooks. My favourite are Moleskine (Project) and a regular Leuchtturm (A5) which has a slightly wider format. I have a selection of colour-coded Lamy pens – the colour of the pen matches the ink – which is pretty useful. When I’ve drafted an article it’s good to print it off and edit with different coloured inks – far more interesting than plain black. That said, it’s a while since I’ve used Black so maybe I should add it to my editing tools – hence the reason I’m completing this form while speeding across the Dutch countryside – they have a great train service here!

  61. David Knapp says:

    There’s nothing like the feeling of a fountain pen nib floating across a page to encourage creativity and self-expression!

  62. Peter Lee says:

    Always like to have quality pens in my pocket, recent convert to Lamy after many years with Parker products. Like the design, love the pencils and large pen refills.

  63. Kim Davies says:

    I love writing with fountain pens. I use them to write real letters to my penfriends all around the world – it’s a dying art, but one that I get a great deal of pleasure from.

  64. Graham Turnbull says:

    Was a teacher of English and pens just seemed a natural interest. Forty years later and people comment. The latest: “you always have an interesting writing instrument!”

  65. Su Brett says:

    I just just love notebooks of all kinds and have quite a collection! A lovely writing pen is a just a pleasure to use.

  66. Hassni says:

    There’s something down-to-earth about using a pen. And who doesn’t enjoy receiving a handwritten letter in the post?

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