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Lamy Logo Pen Set Competition

Lamy Logo Pen Set Competition

Lamy Logo Pen Set Competition

Win A Lamy Logo Fountain & Ballpoint Pen Brushed Stainless Steel Set With Leather Case


To enter this competition all you have to do is.

1) Leave a comment below on this page telling us why you like fountain or ballpoint pens.

Competition ends on 7th November.

Good luck 🙂

A happily married pen lover , welsh rugby lover , website design lover & sadly a Man United fan :)

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38 Responses to “Lamy Logo Pen Set Competition”

  1. bonnie jean woolger
    October 30, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    I love to draw with any type of pen. 🙂

  2. A fountain pen is a timeless instrument of beauty. Makes every letter an absolute pleasure to write!

  3. Love pens. Pens that feel good and write well. My favourite is a fountain pen – love writing cards with one.

  4. Lesley Bambridge
    October 30, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    Being a south-paw I only love Ballpoint pens. Fountain pens stop working after a few paragraphs – even left-handed ones! But my beloved ball-point pens… ahh I can write and write and write…

  5. Belinda Caulfield
    October 30, 2018 at 1:24 pm

    I love fountain pens as I love the flow of the ink on the paper and my writing starts taking a form of its own…

  6. I just love good old traditional fountain pens , they allow an element of quiet creativity to note taking (especially in boring meetings!)

  7. I’ve used, and loved, “proper” pens since childhood. No BIC or BIRO ever survives long enough to run out, but fountain pens and real ballpoints always keep me going. In many cases, they are also either works of art, or design classics. Something pleasant to look at when they are not being used as well as a functional tool and a gateway to creativity,

  8. I have recently started using fountain pens more and more as my hands hurt less when I write with a fountain pen.

  9. ‘ink’credible prize, mag’nib’icent Competition!

  10. It’s pretty simple really, writing with a great fountain pen that’s filled with brightly coloured ink and I’m happy! …Add in beautiful stationery and I’m a goner!

  11. So much of what I write is digital, on a keyboard of some form. When writing for real, I enjoy a fountain pen. They are much more elegant than other pens, and make even a shopping list feel important!

  12. I write much more legibly with a fountain pen. They are also great for drawing with.

  13. I write much more legibly with a fountain pen. They are also great to draw with.

  14. As a child learning to write, when I started being allowed to write in pen rather than pencil I got given a parker vector fountain pen. I loved it so much that I carried it with me all the time in my shoe! (Would not recommend shoes as fountain pen storage) This was the start of my love of fountain pens and I have never looked back. They are so versatile and write so smoothly and really are works of art.

  15. Love using a ballpoint pen for doing crosswords.

  16. I got my “licence” to be able to use a fountain pen at school when I was 9 or 10. We paid 10p to buy a fountain pen from the headteacher. That was my first ever fountain pen. At secondary school I drifted away from the fountain pen. Now in my fifth decade, I am reintroducing myself to them. I have several heritage pens that I’ve collected and one or two new ones. I have also started an ink collection – there are so many exciting colours now. My mission is to get all my great nieces and nephews a nice FPS for their 10th birthday so they can enjoy the experience too.

  17. I now have a re-kindled love of fountain pens. They make a page of ordinary notes feel like a work of art

  18. I feel when writing a letter to write with a fountain pen is to write with purpose and style!

  19. I lost everything in my home due to a disaster, Carpets, curtains, mattress, all my clothes and books. Delighted that my Pen & Paper pen survived and still writes beautifully both now and for the future. A keepsake that I still have and enjoy! Some things in life evoke precious memories and this is one of them:)

  20. I spend my working life at a keyboard. Fountain pens are my pleasure, I use them whenever I can.

  21. Fountain pens are lovely writing instruments. Beautiful, smooth and reliable writers!

  22. Oh, there are plenty of reasons I like fountain pens. The most important one is that I have poor motor skills and when I write with an FP the result is sort of legible! They are more pleasant to write with than ballpoints, and I can write for longer before my hand hurts. Then there is the huge variety of both technology, design and materials, not to mention the hundreds of inks.

  23. I love a ballpoint pen when writing general notes and letters etc, they enable quick writing etc. A fountain pen is lovely for those special notes as they produce extra beautiful script, they also feel so lovely to hold when writing. A good quality pen be it ballpoint or fountain, is just a lovely item to have. Many a tale etc would have been lost without them.

  24. Pens are just magical items be them ballpoint or fountain style. They are instruments that keep secrets, share imaginations, record history, and that can send love to someone far away; to name a few things.

  25. With a surname such as mine…I’m not surprised I love pens. It’s not handbags and shoes for me. It’s pens. Fountain pens are my ultimate luxury. And having just discovered shimmer inks.. I’m like a child in a sweet shop.

  26. I love being able to customize my pens and ink, and the ritual and nuance that gets me to slow down and appreciate the moment.

  27. They’re so smooth to write with! And with the right nib i can get such a fine line..

  28. I do a lot of writing every day- in a digital world it’s lovely to inspire students (and often colleagues) with great handwriting when marking work or explaining concepts.

  29. I lost everything in my home due to a disaster, Carpets, curtains, mattress, all my clothes and books. Delighted that my Pen & Paper pen survived and still writes beautifully both now and for the future. A keepsake that I still have and enjoy! Some things in life are priceless 🙂

  30. Love all my Lamys! Med nib has a flow like a velvet ribbon
    Bold ink flows fast build allows for wonderful script. Also I love it in drawings. Had my lamys in other colors and different size nib. Try on an absorbent paper and add few water drops and get this watercolor look. Students , please buy your fountain pens and start your personal style. Don’t let the art of calligraphy die

  31. I love ballpoint pens, but have also recently revisited my childhood love of using a fountain pen. I’ll never know why I stopped using one, but now all I find myself doing is looking at new inks and pens to start a mini collection. I also intend to send my young niece her first fountain pen in the post, and encourage her to write regular letters to me so she can also discover the joy of sending and receiving letters in the post. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  32. I just love having a good quality pen thats comfortable to write with. 🙂

  33. I just love all Lamy Pens and can’t resist the different colours and sets. Best all round pen and great value for money!

  34. I love all kinds of fountain pens and inks. I love the individual designs and matching pens to different shades of ink and circulating which I will use each day.

  35. I love the way a fountain pen places the ink on the page. It results in a more expressive note or letter.

  36. Inky fingers -can’t beat it!

  37. Mr Gareth Hartley
    November 7, 2018 at 6:36 pm

    A fountain pen leaves a mark that is an expression of your personality. A mark made more personal as the nib wears to your hand. A very personal and beautiful way to record and express your thoughts.
    The amazing array of designs and nib types enable us to equip ourselves with the tools that appeal to us and to our personal and unique experience of mark making.

  38. I love a fountain pen the flow of the ink from pen to paper is so satisfying

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