Many people fear using fountain pens for various reasons, this ranges from scratching the paper to leaking ink. Today we’re going to talk you through the best technique to stop a fountain pen from leaking! We will also give you some useful tips on how to get the most our of your fountain pen!!

Always keep the lid on your fountain pen

This may seem like an incredibly obvious tip but you’d be surprised how many people leave the caps off and end up losing a lot of ink and staining all sorts of clothes! This leakage can even happen if the pen cap is just a bit loose rather than secured firmly, so make sure to check it, check it again and check it one more time!

Keep the fountain pen in an upright position

If the fountain pen is kept in an upright position then this will mean that the ink will not flow into the cap and explode when it is next opened. This is due to the fact that fountain pens use gravity and a capillary action to allow the flow of ink, so if the pen is not kept upright then this motion will occur!

Keep your fountain pen at a cool temperature

When ink gets warm it can cause it to expand and consequently leak. So forth keeping it close to your body is probably not the best idea as your body temperature will cause the ink to warm up. Keeping the fountain pen in a bag or on your desk at home or the office may be a better solution when trying to ensure a pen doesn’t leak.

Check your pen as often as you can!

Try and ensure that you check that your pen cap is secure as often as you can. As well as this try and ensure that you clean your fountain pen on a regular basis. Here is a video that can tell you a little bit more about cleaning a fountain pen:

Choose the right fountain pen!

Stopping a fountain pen from leaking starts right from purchase! If you buy an unreliable and super cheap fountain pen, it won’t be made up with the quality parts that are needed in order to have a good ink flow that won’t leak! So what are out recommendations?

The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Savannah Special Edition 2021 – we currently have a special offer to which you will additionally receive a free pack of blue ink cartridges!

This is an incredibly affordable pen and has been tested time and time again and has flawless writing capabilities!

Next up we have the Autograph Piccolo Fountain Pen, this is a dupe for some more expensive pens that look exactly the same and have the same functionality! However this autograph version doesn’t come with the same hefty price tag!

Another Pen and Paper favourite is the Conklin Duraflex Fire Fountain Pen, this is slightly higher end but an absolutely gorgeous piece for your collection. The colour especially is enough to catch anyones eye!

Need any more help with your fountain pen? Use our live chat service to ask us any questions that you have!

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