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How To Change Lamy Fountain Pen Nibs

Lamy fountain pens are very popular across the world for many reasons , good price , quality product , comfortable etc. There are many great reasons why they sell well with one of the reasons being that changing the fountain pen nib is very easy.

1st Option To Change The Nib

You can simply change the Lamy fountain pen nib with some cellotape.

  • Firstly make sure your lamy fountain pen nib is dry and clean. You can do this with a cloth.
  • Cut a small piece of cellotape sticking it across the nib. ie at right-angles to the axis of the pen, with the middle of the piece of tape on top of the nib. Please make sure the cellotape is only sticking to the nib.
  • Hold the pen in your left hand with the nib horizontal and facing to the right and the tape hanging down either side.
  • Put your right index finger under the nib and grip the cellotape around that finger by using your thumb and middle finger.
  • Pull the cellotape away from the pen, applying gentle downwards pressure at the same time. The tape will grip the nib and slide it off the feed.
  • Slide the replacement nib on making sure it goes all the way and is nice and sturdy.

2nd Option To Change The Nib

Another way you can change your Lamy fountain pen nib is to follow the video below where you can simply use the Lamy fountain pen lid to slide off the nib slowly.

These nib changes can be done to all the Lamy fountain pen ranges including the popular Lamy Safari & Al-star.

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