How To Change Lamy Fountain Pen Nibs

LAMY fountain pens are very popular across the world for many reasons: affordability, ergonomics, and reliability and more. One of the major unique selling points is that changing the fountain pen nib is very easy. If you need to, you can easily change the nib for another in a matter of seconds for a different type.

Lamy nibs come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Lamy pens on our site can be purchased with any of the below nibs:

  • Regular: extra fine, fine, medium, and bold.
  • Italic: 1.1, 1.5, 1.9
  • Left handed: Medium.

Three Steps to Change Lamy Fountain Pen Nibs

Step 1:

Find a surface which is firm but not too hard, the best choice for this would be a notepad or similar book.

Step 2:

Use a penny or other coin to pin the fountain pen nib down against the notepad. Be firm but don’t use too much force on the nib to avoid bending the nib of the fountain pen.

Step 3:

Pull the body of the fountain pen away from the fountain pen nib to remove the nib from the body. This should not require much force and the nib should come off with ease.

To fit a new nib, simply slot the nib in place where the old one used to be. Ensure that the nib is completely flush to the fountain pen before inking and writing.

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