Lamy 2000 Black Amber and Lamy Scala Glacier Pens – 50 Year Anniversary Edition

50 Years Of Lamy

Celebrating Lamy 50 Years Of Lamy Design

Not so long ago, a prominent figure from one of the biggest companies said that fountain pen would become obsolete and probably extinct in the next decade, but Lamy would disagree. If history has taught us anything about how old-fashioned technologies cope with their more modern counterparts, people believe that some centuries old piece of engineering can be much better than its newer version. Just like how mechanical timepieces strike back at quartz watches, fountain pen is here to stay; the new Lamy 50 Year Anniversary fountain pen models are obvious proofs that penmanship is more than just about writing, but also the elegance of doing it.

Lamy 2000 Black Amber


Reinvention and betterment are explicitly displayed by the new Lamy 2000 Black Amber. The original design came to existent in 1966, and it has become a timeless classic and role model of numerous innovative designs afterwards throughout the company’s history. Half a century after its first appearance, its newer, better, prettier twin is born. Without losing the elegance of the original, Lamy 2000 Black Amber is strong evidence that fountain pen is more than capable of reinventing itself over and over again to stay relevant in digital age. The Lamy 2000 Black Amber 50 Year Anniversary Edition is a precious reward both for the company and penmanship enthusiasts. It is a numbered and limited edition fountain pen with an exceptional black amber surface to mark 50 years of excellence.

Lamy Scala Glacier


The first member of the Lamy 2000 series is simply called The Fountain Pen, released in 1966. It was a turning point for the company; a year that started the invention of Lamy’s distinctive design. The Fountain Pen also became the core of Lamy Scala series, the representative models to demonstrate perfect blend between traditional penmanship and modern design language. The all stainless steel construction is transformed into sophisticated design that highlights a sophisticated understatement and robustness-wrapped functionality. Lamy Scala Glacier 50 Year Anniversary Edition comes with 14karat gold nib. It is available from September 2016 as fountain pen (with or without ink bottle) rollerball, and ballpoint.


Lamy has been in existence since 1952. However, 1966 will always be remembered as the first year of Lamy’s successful innovation with its range of fountain pens – the Lamy design. Fast forward 50 years later, the same innovative and distinctive design was still widely used as the base model for various new products from the company. Both Lamy 2000 Black Amber and Lamy Scala Glacier keep alive the memory of the best year in the company’s journey.

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