The Best Gifts for Busy Mums

Busy and working mums can have a lot on their plates, and they can often spend too much time working. It can be extremely hard to think of something to buy that person who is always working. Don’t worry! Here are three thoughtful gift ideas to show them that you care.

1. Gifts For Busy Mums with a Full Calendar

Mums who work hard usually have very full calendars! A good gift for someone like this would be a high quality, reliable diary. If she is out and about a lot, consider buying her a smaller, pocketable diary. If she works from home or at a desk, you could buy her a larger, more comprehensive diary to allow for more detail. Diaries come in all shapes and sizes, so you will be able to pick out a diary perfectly suited to her needs.

Diaries also come in lots of colours and patterns, so don’t hesitate to buy her something outlandish! For something with a unique design you should go for a Paperblanks diary, or for something more casual and colourful there is Leuchtturm.

2. Gifts For Mums Who Write a Lot

Working and busy mums often have to write a lot, either at work or elsewhere. One way you could make this easier for them would be to buy a nice pen. You can choose to buy her a fountain, rollerball, or ballpoint pen depending on her writing style. Good quality pens often come in show boxes to make the unwrapping experience just that little bit more enjoyable. Some pen retailers even offer engraving to personalise gifts.

If she takes a lot of notes then we suggest buying a ballpoint, but if most of her writing is done in a more professional manner, then a fountain pen is definitely the way to go, as these generally considered superior for long-form writing.

3. Gifts For Busy Mums with a Creative Side

If your mum likes to let her creative side loose, a nice gift idea could be something as simple as arts and crafts materials. If she works hard all day, arts and crafts are a nice way for her to unwind at the end of a long day. If she likes painting you should buy her a gift set of paints, brushes and paper for her to get stuck in to. Otherwise try getting some watercolor pencils and a pad of gummed paper for a more relaxed artistic experience.

At The Pen & Paper we offer a wide range of artist’s supplies from paper and paints to manikins and easels. You can browse through our range here.


In conclusion, there are lots of choices to make your mum happy this christmas, you just need to think outside of the box a little. We hope this guide has helped you gain some ideas for this Christmas (which is rolling around very quickly!)

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